Welcome to the homepage of Open86!


Open86 is a cross platform x86 emulator that is currently in development. (aka. not working.) It uses a plugin type system to emulate a PC even more closely than a normal monolithic emulator. It's goal is to be highly configurable, so to be a useful tool in the area of osdev.


June 13th, 2007:
Open86 has had an overhaul, which it is still going through. A lot of code has been updated, combined, reorganized, etc. The only thing not done at the moment is the interrupts and ports, which I am rewriting. (Mostly.)

June 5th, 2007:
Development has once again started back up on Open86. I'm currently reorganizing some code, and prepping it for 32bit support. (Although, it is currently lacking 16 bit support, but nevertheless.)


Downloads are at the Sourceforge Page.

Note: That there are no releases yet. Moreover, the source is tricky at best, and is likely to change quickly. Logo